Sunday, October 18, 2009

Unofficial Google Wave Notifier for mac

2009-11-17: If you have any idea, feel free to issue a feature request, or vote them (the small triangle at bottom-left corner of a item)
2009-11-3: version 0.4 released

I wolud like to know whether I have unread messages at Google Wave or not, like Google Notifier for Mac for GMail and Google Calendar. I could find Google Wave Add-on for Firefox at That Smith. So I implemented one as referencing the add-on. Thank you Chad at That Smith.

You can download it form Downloads for hiroshi's Unofficial-Google-Wave-Notifier - GitHub. Before download it, be sure that is makes NO WARRANTY.

Google Wave の新着通知も Google Notifier for Mac のように通知されたいのですが、探しても Google Wave Add-on for Firefox at That Smith しか見つからなかったので、その Add-on のソースを参考にして作ってみました。

Downloads for hiroshi's Unofficial-Google-Wave-Notifier - GitHub からダウンロードできます。


floehopper said...

It looks great, but I can't get it to work. I'm getting "SecKeychainFindGenericPassword: failed. (OSStatus: -25300)" and "SecKeychainAddGenericPassword: failed. (OSStatus: -61)" errors in the log. Do you have any idea what might be wrong?

hiroshi said...

Sorry for inconvenience.

I filed this as an issue at:

Could you tell me about some of your environments:
* Leopard or Snow Leopard?
* if Leopard intel mac or power mac|book?
* Which version do you use? See bottom line of the preferences windows
* Downloaded binary release or built yourself?

Please answer those above as a comment of the issue at the url I mentioned.

Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

the zip version seems a bit messed up, it tries to open de text documents in terminal, the tar version has the right extensions.

I am just looking for a howto to install the whole thing, there is no .app or install file?

hiroshi said...

There are two categories for download files on github. The lower part of them are source archives (tgz | zip) at tags.

You should download the latest binary zipped package form top of the link on the downloads page. The direct link to the latest one is here. I hope you get a clue.

Anyway, I agree that downloads page is confusing. I think that I should have a custom download link somewhere...

Unknown said...

thanks, got it now :)

Scott said...

This is great! Thanks!

One question - could you add a way to get it to open the Inbox in a browser other than the 'default' browser? Perhaps an additional setting?

Or, is there something in the app contents I could edit to have it use a different browser?

hiroshi said...

hi ASM_PhD,

Currently there is no such setting ui nor file at all. However, it's nice to have such a preference setting. I added this to TODO list.

Chad Smith said...

Looks great! Nice work Hiroshi.

hiroshi said...

Thanks Chad,
It could be difficult to done without referencing your Firefox Add-on.
By the way, I'd like to change auth system from ClientLogin to OAuth. Do you have any idea?

Unknown said...

I've forked the source code to create a Waveboard client friendly version (checkout out if you haven't). Clicking "Go to inbox" fires up Waveboard if it's not loaded (takes you inbox).

Clicking a wave from the notifier while waveboard is loaded will load up the wave in waveboard.

Binary is at:

Forked source is at:

This should probably be configurable. But does the job for now.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Any chance you can make it able to use a Growl notification?

hiroshi said...

There is a issue for this and now under development.

Brian said...

FYI, if the app isn't installed in /Applications it won't create the Keychain item and even if the Keychain item is created manually it still won't work. It will give the error:

2/26/10 5:19:11 PM Unofficial Google Wave Notifier[15114] SecKeychainFindGenericPassword: failed. (OSStatus: -25300)

I had it installed in a ~/apps folder. Moving it to /Applications and it worked like a charm.

Unknown said...

I tried it today and so far it works fine for me. I'm using MacOS 10.5.8.

Thank you for writing this notification tool! I was looking for something like this.

Peter Kim (Tae-Young) said...

Thanks for google wave noti. MAC..
If it possible, please add support "Google App"..^^